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Thread: Casting/Cooldown

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    I just wanna know why everyone says you cast faster at lvl 9 skills when the cast down doesn't go down, just the cooldown? Is this just recommended at low lvls when you don't have enough skills in your bar to go run through for a full combo? If I got like 5+ skills already, can I lvl my skills to 20 and would it cause any problems?

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    to have a good combo u need to have skills that cooldown fast and lvl 9 and lvl 12 are usually the fastest cool times and so ppl just leave their g.master- transcender skills at lvl 9 or 12 it is recommended for all lvls because u need a good combo to be good in pvp

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    Makes sense but saying that all my skills at lvl 20, when in combo they move fluently without breaking as the quantity of skills I got (eg. 5+ skills). Is cooldown still an issue or is it just an issue when I wanna use 1 skill twice (like 1-2-1) in a combo?

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    Well first of all, casting time stays the way it is no matter what level the skill is (the only exception is in combo, then all skills become faster). The cooldown time is the one that changes. Level 9 skills gives you the fastest cooldown. What's your class?

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    what they're trying to say is u need to spam --- use more than once --- certain skills in combo or in auto attack. But that doesn't matter anymore in pvp if u only need one crit/one pass with ur big skills, then 2-3 hit combo and ur foe is dead. cd won't matter.

    BUT in war and pve, where it will take tons of skills to drop the mobs and bosses and foes, having a long cd on those big skills will slow you down and will be detrimental in some cases. and fillers to wait for them to cd just won't cut it when ur foes and bosses are spamming their own signature skills on u. U'd long be dead before u can cast a second pass of ur own big skill.

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    Ah I now get a clear view of what y'all meant. Sorry for the hard time lol, just wasn't too clear on why cooldown was of so much importance if you can fill your skill bar lol. I guess I can leave my skills at lvl 12 o_O, and I got a wiz/fb/fa.

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    Leaving all of your skills on a low level isn't recommended, you need to know that the higher the skills, the higher the Amp/Add damage it'll have. ( A level 20 low rank skill can have a higher DPS than your GMaster at level 9, thanks to the AMP/DAMAGE added and shorter cast time )

    It's better to lookup combo guides for each of the classes, rather than going all level 12.

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    Oh okie, I'll look up some guides and see what I can find, thanks for the reply.

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