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Thread: FS=Dont Try Anymore

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    i lol'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZEPR0 View Post
    I wouldnt say all FS got no skill and bout you sayin FS spamming ss and sb
    of course LOL for cryin out loud thats there fu.ckin skill
    wat would they do in Nwar stare you to death
    if FS should stop spammin SG/SS its like FA should also stop spammin cannons, arrow and stuff,.,dude spammin SS/SG is wat FS do,.,even bringers do it

    DONT HATE FS HATE YuR class cos it cant 2 hit people in Nwar
    2hits come on if u want to lie lie on t1 noobs
    I have fs and wa even I am not good but my wa can be better than my fs because it should crit to kill any 1 but wa do not need to do that fs can get 165 base from his compleater skill but he att like super noob with out crit if u can get money he will be easy to kill
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    Moral of the story fs= No skill = all fs accomplishments compared to those of other classes have no value= FS FAIL.

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    Boy wouldnt u like to know
    people dont realize that most fs have to make up with cd since they have insane low base have u ever seen a fs not crit the dmg I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥s get over it and get some better gear so u can kill them

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    bloody ice
    All I gotta say is, yuzall fail so why bother complaining about skills when the game doesnt even require skills anymore, Auto retarget with the click of a scrolling mouse anywhere, fade and dash to run away, and what else?

    Cabal addicts FTW!
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