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Thread: Question about Storage...

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    Question about Storage...


    Exceeding warehouse slot
    If the warehouse slot limit gets exceeded due to the merger, items are moved to Temporary warehouse slot.
    You can only take out items from the temporary warehouse

    Auction house

    Exceeding auction house sale slots

    If the auction house sale slot limit gets exceeded due to the merger, the items are moved to the temporary slots.
    You can only take items from the temporary slots."

    How much space is the temporary warehouse slot going to have? Because a lot of us have 4 bank slots full on both servers. Pretty much the same question goes for the AH Temporary slot.
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    Yeahhhhh too much junk in Venus meng.

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    If it's anything like the Item Shop Temp is supposed to be setup (and it says in-game), it will fill all 128 slots, and will "update" when items are removed. So in other words, no limit.

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