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Thread: Error Code 6 Type 421

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    Error Code 6 Type 421

    Hello. I've been trying to help my girlfriend get on cabal for a while now. She would be able to log in just fine but as soon as she chose a channel, it would disconnect her and say Error Code 6 Type 421.
    I've searched online and found that quite a few people have had this problem but I can't seem to find any solutions. She has already re downloaded cabal several times. Can anyone help us out? Thank you.

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    Hello, this is CABAL Support Team.

    The error code problem is related to nProtect GameGuard system.
    Follow this guide to solve your problem.

    Error Code: 6 Type: 421
    The hacking detect messages will be shown when nProtect GameGuard has found a Virus, Adware, 3rd Party software or nProtect hasn’t been updated properly.
    Error Code: 6 Type: 421 occur when GameGuard’s system for authentication has failed. If this error occurs, try the following steps.

    1. Running Anti-Virus, Anti-Adware programs
    - Run Full System Scan at your Anti-Virus software

    2. Close other programs that runs with CABAL Online
    - Prevent program crash by closing other programs
    - If you have programs that is not in use, we recommend you to remove it by
    “Add or Remove Programs” at Windows – Control panel

    3. Update your Windows to the latest version
    Various Viruses invades your computer by security leaks. We recommend you to up to date your Windows security to prevent it.

    4. Re-Install GameGuard
    1) Download at Cabal.com  Download  Game Download
    2) Click the [Game Guard Install] link at the lower section

    5. Remove Third party tools
    1) If illegal Third party tools(ex.autobot), or hacking programs are installed on your system, remove it to play CABAL Online.

    I love this sig.

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    Hi GM,
    just let you know that the error still remains

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    LOL my whole guild gets error codes for no reason GM sometimes i get error codes just logging in to a dungeon or just trying to get in a ch >.>

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