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Thread: War.

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    Hello, I`m sure i dont need to remind anyone, but nation war happens to be one of the better parts of cabal, although recent changes have runied this experience.

    Here is my humble suggestion(s)

    1) remove bringers from ALL OTHER TIERS but t5( lvl 170-180
    Effect: this will stop all the crying and spamming\farminggoing on right now.
    The implimentation of bringers in the lower tiers only made it WORSE making higher lvl players go BACK and stagnate there hoping for bringer. This makes the early game REALLY hard on new players ( if any at this point)

    Instead, make bringers for ever class in t5( liek bl, wa etc) and reinstate GUARDIANS! this will give lower tier ppl the urge to lvl.

    2) RANDOMIZE the nwar map....u would think after 3-4 years this would have been done, i know its possible since during the glitches in epi 5 we saw wating rooms in all sorts of places, it can be done

    3) the invisible walls in nwar ( rest of the game in gen. but 1 step at a time) this has got to go-_-"

    please, let me know what you think

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    I think its fine keeping one bringer per nation for every tier, but they do need to bring back guardians...Even if only the top player for each class for every tier(except bringer) gets it, it would be nice.

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    I agree with removing bringers from all tiers except T5

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    not a bad suggestion
    i approve it

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    remember the days where u were like, "I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥ they have all 6 btingers on, we only have 2 fml" it was good times BRING IT BACK

    I'm actually 180 o.o

    ~Contra Mundi~

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    Remove WExp->Essence Rune Cubes from T1 and T2.

    People who can't use them shouldn't be able to buy them.

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    I was thinking that maintaining bringer for all tiers would be nice, but it'd also be a good idea to add guardians to each tier, but only 1 of each class. We've come to the point in each tier where it's almost impossible for some classes to get bringer (Ex. t4 FB and BL most likely will never get bringer). That being said, new players would have something to strive for, despite being unable to get bringer they could possibly achieve a guardian status, being the best of their class in war (aside from the bringer in an ambiguous case). Idk, those are just my thoughts.

    And I'm all for the wall fixes, and adding new war maps. It would make it much more interesting, because then each team wouldn't be able to consistently use the same strategy because the maps are different (and also, terra gloriousa could use a break) lol

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