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Thread: Is there really going to be Cabal 2?

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    Is there really going to be Cabal 2?

    I hear there is going to be cabal 2 ,ive seen the vids but now days you cant belive things i want to hear it from you ppl or mostly a GM....i love cabal and i kno if cabal 2 is real it'll be the best.And will it come out for NAor just korea...

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    Well theres an official website. http://cabal2.com/ here take a look

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    Yea.... where have you been!

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    *under a rock*

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    Cabal 2 will be horrible imo, just another pretty game with high graphics and stuff you don't even want in a game. And besides i heard it will be p2p.

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    Yes, there is going to be a Second Cabal Version, but it is still in development and not even had a beta test (closed or open) yet, and will have the first beta test in Korea like this one, so will be a "Long" time before you see deployment in an english version like in Europe or here.

    Doesn't matter if it is p2p, majority of your bigger players here pay out the ear anyway, people will still play it being how popular this one was, and hopefully as a p2p, we'll get some better GM support because of it.

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    yes. But The Old Republic will be waay better ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Servoa View Post
    Cabal 2 will be horrible imo, just another pretty game with high graphics and stuff you don't even want in a game. And besides i heard it will be p2p.
    You know... people said the EXACT same thing about Cabal. I'll have no problem with the graphics as long as they scale well across the hardware spectrum.
    As for it being Pay 2 Play... it may very well be. I personally won't pay to play a game unless I know the development commitments for updates. If we're talking 9.99 USD a month for bimonthly content updates... I'd buy it in a second and enjoy the Cabally goodness. It we're talking $14.99 USD a month supplemented by a cash shop then I'd think twice. Of course a huge part of my considerations are how much the software and software license cost me, the consumer.
    If we're talking $60.00 USD on top of $15 monthly on top of Cash Shop supplement then I'd have to say no.

    But as of yet I have heard no confirmation from ESTSoft in regard to how much C2 is going to cost or what their intended target audience is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valdoroth View Post
    yes. But The Old Republic will be waay better ^_^
    You know, I'll bet that C2 is going to launch with more content. More content doesn't always mean better content.
    Also, EA has Billions to spend on development. If I was a teacher grading on a curve... then C2 would probably win out. Also, the $150 sticker just to order The Old Republic makes me wary of it. That tells me that EA doesn't want to fund the game to make it be the best game that it can be and would rather be a blatant cashgrab.

    Say what you will about EST aggressively monetizing their games, but anything that I bought from the cash shop is something I actually wanted to pay for. Currently I trust EST with my consumer dollar about twenty times more than I trust EA. Them even developing Cabal 2 on the money they made from the small population of people purchasing cash shop currency in the several regions of Cabal says to me that they are making far better use of your dollar than EA ever will.


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    Andromansis .. I wish more people were as open minded as you. You make well informed decisions based on research, and for that I salute you.

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