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Thread: Equipment Catalysts I Need To Buy

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    Exclamation Equipment Catalysts I Need To Buy

    I need some Shadowsteel or Bluestin slotted catalysts (I am trying to upgrade some Shadowsteel armor stuff)

    Shadowsteel/Bluestin Helm(5)
    Shadowsteel/Bluestin GS or DaiKat(3)
    Shadowsteel/Bluestin Blade or Kat(2)

    I am willing to buy this stuff, or if you don't need it ill be glad to take it off your hands
    I am always in the Venus server
    Please message back if you have any of this stuff.

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    Note: you can also use anything above the grade you are slotting or 1 grade below.
    ie. using a tit helm instead of shadowsteal.

    Granted above is usually more expensive, but it's also more common for sale.

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