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Thread: FB Over Powered in NW?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoItOver View Post
    Your point is?

    Hold on....... ????


    I don't understand.....

    I know how op'd they are but I couldn't quite catch it.
    In BM1 with legacy I have 51 rate and 217 CD and BM1 / Aura I have 53 rate and 236 CD.


    Quote Originally Posted by IcyWave View Post
    lol the 30k hp part is me lol? in 170 war

    well first off when ur vs a FB use fade keep fading back and fourth,so he/she has trouble clicking on you then MF fade bind and you kill,that easy even with leg, and if he in aura+bm1 all you do is bind,fade (if ur not in aura+bm1 then you're done for, use aura and bm) or just root him til his bm is done( will never happen he will already be dead by other ppl) root fade root bm+aura
    He's not an FB obviously, lol.
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