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Thread: Cheapest 17x

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    Feb 2011

    Cheapest 17x

    I "aquired" this account after the [GM]s were mirin' too hard and banned me.

    .gif related, I'm sure you can tell who I was in this picture.

    Anyway, I put like 200? ish for the costumes, etc.

    +9 4% Crit rate 20% Crit dmg red osm blade
    +8 10%CD forcium blade
    +8 50hp forcium suit
    +11 280hp titian armor boots
    +6 S.amp Shadow titianium gloves
    +9 S.amp Shadow titianium boots
    +6 5% rate 20% damage Osmium armor helm
    1 RoL+1, 1 Merg Ring, 2 CR+1
    Belt of vitality +1
    AoP+4, AoB+7
    2 BoF+4
    +4 Force Regen earring, +4 Vamp earring

    So I played it for a week(casual) and then never again, Cablizzle just isn't appealing to me anymore.

    Pm me your e-mail, there's more than just a 17x. I'm looking for 100 FIREYSAGGITARUS.

    Depending on who you are I'll probably want a middle man.
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