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Thread: Help Desk Fail. Hardcore.

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    Help Desk Fail. Hardcore.

    K so i came back to this game in jan, and wanted to recover my chars. Made a ticket asking what info i needed. they responded in a day or two. So i opened another ticket with the info. That ticket JUST got responed to today, and all it says is:

    If you wish to transfer your OGP account/character/s, kindly provide the following.

    OGP ID:
    Character Name/s:
    Character Level/s:
    Battle Style of your character/s:
    Server :

    Please ensure you have sufficient slots on your account for the transfer...

    Almost three months for this? WTH!!!!!!!!

    Meanwhile the first ticket jsut said this:

    If you wish to transfer your OGP account, kindly provide the following.

    - Name, Level, Battle Style of your characters:
    - Server :

    Thank you.

    CABAL Support Team.

    Make up your minds. Its BULL that i have to sit and wait another two months cause they give me the wrong info.

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    They dont fail (that much) 2 days ago i asked for one of my characters to be deleted, got a reply the same day, saying it will be deleted this M/A.
    It seems they are on their job this month.

    And about the Information needed. They did that to me also, they just need to make sure your the owner. it would be even more Fail if they didnt ask for that.

    If they didnt people could just go and request for other characters people's to be deleted. DidIHalpYew?
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    they said that crap for 3 months to me then told me its blocked

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    dont blame the gms for your mishap.

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