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Thread: help mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Question help mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i download n installed cabal 2day......after all the updates....i clicked start game and entered the login game screen....i typed my username n password respectively.....bt wen i clicked ok....it ws like...connecting.....after that it was like...server connection failed..plz try later...i ve tried many times bt ts nt wrkin....plz hlp..

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    just wait a couple hours and try again. i had the same problem but i waited and it worked for me.

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    bt ts nt wrking fr me....evn 2 day.........

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    [GM] Clocks
    Make sure that you check that your Firewall isn't blocking it-- and if it is, you have the choice of either turnning off your Firewall for a moment in time to connect to Cabal, or to add Cabal to your "Allowed programs" list.

    Thank you, and I hope to see you on Cabal soon!


    -[GM] Clocks

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