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Thread: New Payment Option ‘Peanut Labs’ to Refill eCoins for FREE!

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    New Payment Option ‘Peanut Labs’ to Refill eCoins for FREE!

    Hello CABAL Players,

    New way to Refill eCoins for Free – Peanut Labs has been added!
    You can earn free eCoins by completing surveys or responding offers. Here’s how to do:

    1. Log in at www.cabal.com
    2. Click the FREE eCoin Banner

    3. Select Peanut Labs in Promotional Refill (Free eCoin) and Click [Next] button.

    4. Complete the surveys or respond to the offers to get free eCoins.

    5. To check your Free eCoin Rewards history, click [Need Help?]

    6. Select [My eCoin Rewards].
    The Status has to be [Approved] to get the eCoin reward.

    If there’s problem to get eCoins or you have a question about the surveys or offers, click [Contact Us] to send inquiries to Peanut Labs.

    7. Click the [Done] button to check your eCoin balance.

    ESTsoft is not responsible for the operation of partner offers and said offers operate under the marketing and privacy policies of the offer provider, not ESTsoft Inc.

    The CABAL Support Team.
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    I love this sig.

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