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Thread: Oh My God!

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    Oh My God!

    I'm finally level 115! Do you know what it's time for?

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    Osmium ThisisaForumId's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    In my aunt's basement, writing novels. New York.
    seriously? <_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThisisaForumId View Post
    seriously? <_<
    Yes seriously :3 I'm able to wear all the armor sets now I think I should be celebratin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by 133xam View Post
    I've been in the process of hitting 115 for 2 years now. Gongratz >=D
    I am 6 bars away and not moving for a while.
    Well when u DO hit 115 just bring this thread back up and dance the night away!

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    Shadow Titanium SliverElixer's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    how long it take you also forci is useless till you can aford or get amp forci or better.

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