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Thread: dear god full +15

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    i dont know if you noticed, but he is level 111. i dont think hes in t1. currently hes in t3 if you have half a brain.

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    right. because im in mercury.

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    Apr 2010
    how da fuk u +15 5 item mtfk i spent over 5b by trying to + a fuking titan gs before n still cant make it. wtf is this mtfkkkkkkkkkk

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    that mean somekind the ha ck????

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    cool why you implying it like its me.

    raidingcrush didnt +15 his stuff. if you even observed at all he linked his gear all the time. it was +9 aqua xtals mamp. it was for a VERY long time.

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    Why would you +15 s.tit when for the same price you could +15 osm?
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    Currently up to level 7 - forcium

    Martial boot crafter:
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    Buying list:
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    -Battle Cart Lv4: 1m each
    -Osmium Battleboots 2 slots +0: 8m each
    -Thunder Discs Lv4: 4m each
    -Soul Disc Lv2: 5m per stack

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    beside he like his s.TIT obvious

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    dont ask me pm hack

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    You'd like to know, wouldn't you?
    Wow. You still play.

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