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Thread: S>180 WIZ with GOOD RUNS look inside!

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    S>180 WIZ with GOOD RUNS look inside!

    Hi, i came from GLOBAL server and i just came here i have an extra character wich is my WI lvl 180 honor rank 13 48% with MEG RING ROL+2 both character binds
    and i can put my helm my extra (if you willing to pay extra too) wich is +10 OSM MARTIAL HELM 34/7 (34 CDI and 7% RATE) already EXTENDED , K RED BAORD.

    The Runs are perfect and you wont need anything else for a WI wich is:
    HP lvl 15
    Def lvl 15
    Def Rate lvl 10
    Magic Attack lvl 14
    M.amp lvl 4
    Int lvl 6
    Str lvl 1
    Dex lvl 1
    HP ABSORB lvl 3
    MP ABSORB lvl 1
    PARTY EXP lvl 10
    PET EXP lvl 10
    and some more trash RUNES

    (AP LEFT) 436

    PLEASE leave me your best OFFER.
    WITH MY OSM MARTIAL HELM +10 34/7 or with just the MEG RING , ROL +2 , K RED BAORD

    THank YOU!

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    O.0 WHY U MAKING 2 THREADS JUST DO "BUMP" dont spam forum with ur wiz... ^_^

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    is this the dude that scam people also

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    scammer? who is scammer?

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    when keeping it real.......goes wrong

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