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Thread: S> 170 fa

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    S> 170 fa

    Im selling a lvl 170 fa (proc) (venus server)
    honor rank 12
    drosnin earing 25 def 20 hp steal
    lyc orb+5 9% amp
    forci orb of destruction +4 175 atk rate 10cd
    lvl 12 hp rune lvl 3 str/dex/int runes lvl 11 mp rune(mf proof with aob+8) lvl 10 pet and party exp
    136 extra ap
    if interested plz send mail to BigPappa in game

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    May 2011
    wrong section of the thread/forum, if sum1 pms you asking to buy for usd or wants ur account info, hes a scammer, goodluck

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    i posted in the trade center for venus server as well and im well aware of sonicrage hes asked me several times to sell it ty tho

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