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Thread: Stolen Account

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    Stolen Account

    I don't know if this is the proper place to post this, but I had a previous account with OGPlanet about 2 years ago, and stopped playing in June of 2008, I recently wanted to start playing again, and decided I wanted to transfer my old account, as I had a level 90~ Force Archer by the name of RaitoOtaku. When I try to transfer my account, it says my account has already been transferred, I checked my OGPlanet account and realized my account was stolen, the password was changed, and someone had used my "Astros" in November of 2009. I have access to the OGPlanet account again, and to my email address if anything needs to be proven that it is my account. I would just like to have my account back, if at all possible. I am not saying I can not transfer my account, I am stating that someone has already transferred it and has stolen my character. If not possible, I would like some feedback as to what I can do, or to anyone who has seen my character please let me know. Also if I close my OGPlanet account would that disable the current user to use my character? Thank you for any response and feedback.

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    current use prob changed your acc name with the transfer already = /

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    I suggest sending in a HD tix, explaining in detail your problem as well as providing them with proof that you were the original owner of said acct. hope this helps

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