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Thread: My Cabal won't start

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    My Cabal won't start

    I try to run cabal but after i put Start Game, it just says SNake Application has stopped working. I checked the comparability as well as the administrator privleges but nothing works... please help.

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    I'm going to ask a stupid question first to make sure of your situation.

    Have you updated to the EST version of Cabal? (OGP is no longer servicing it) If you haven't, check the threads below for instructions because you have to create an account, activate it, transfer OGP data to EST servers, and update Cabal to run from EST servers. At the time of this posting, www.cabal.com is experiencing problems with new account registration and log ins, etc..., so you may not be able to do anything till they get it fixed.



    Your problem also sounds like something others have been experiencing. GameGuard is finicky about what is running on your system during game play. Many with Win7 and some with Vista are having various problems, some have even had razer mouse drivers cause issues and others have had BSOD's. Some even say Win7 32 bit won't let it run at all. Below is a link to a thread that was started in an attempt to list all the different kinds of problems people are having right now.


    You can also troll the forums to see if someone else has had your problem and if a potential fix has been posted. This switchover is a monumental task, so we need to be patient and give EST some time to go through all this and work out all the bugs.
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    this should work for you, it worked fine for me. http://forum.cabal.com/showthread.ph...=4042#post4042

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