Dear CABAL players,

New costumes and pets are released for this week.
Please check out the released items as below:

Released Items for This Week
*Below items are available on our Item Shop from June 7 to June 12.

[Avatar Costume]
1. Nevareth Pirate - perm

2. Gorgeous Mate - perm

3. Suit of Wealthy's party - perm

4. Suit of Rin - perm

5. Korean Gala Dress - perm

[War Costume]
1. Uniform of Procyon (FA)

2. Uniform of Capella (FA)

1. Pet - Moley

2. Pet - Cookie

3. Pet - Cutie Lai

4. Pet - Mummy

5. Pet - Crag Turtle

[Pet Change Kits]
*You can change the appearance of your pet with Pet Change Kits!
The pet option will not be reset by using this item.

1. Pet Change Kit Robo Robo

2. Pet Change Kit Woolly

The CABAL Support Team