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Thread: Regular Rotation List of Item Shop on June 13

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    Regular Rotation List of Item Shop on June 13

    Dear CABAL players,

    New costumes and pets are released for this week.
    Please check out the released items as below:

    Released Items for This Week
    *Below items are available on our Item Shop from June 13 to June 19.

    [Avatar Costume]
    1. Naval Officer Set - perm

    2. Suit of Vampire - perm

    3. German Traditional Dress - perm

    4. Suit of Mystic Blade - perm

    5. Japanese Gala Dress - Perm

    [War Costume]
    1. Uniform of Procyon (FB)

    2. Uniform of Capella (FB)

    1. Pet - Nevareth Husky

    2. Pet - Outer Invader

    3. Pet - Golem Jr.

    4. Pet - Troglo

    5. Pet - Armaku

    [Pet Change Kits]
    *You can change the appearance of your pet with Pet Change Kits!
    The pet option will not be reset by using this item.

    1. Pet Change Kit - Nevareth Husky

    2. Pet Change Kit - Outer Invader

    The CABAL Support Team

    I love this sig.

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    blocked account

    GM plss help me why they blocked my account i expend alot of money on this game this is my ticket ID- 30019 and character name iMhErEKilLmE please help i was cying now please. i hope you reply>>
    Last edited by imherekillme; 06-26-2011 at 05:49 AM. Reason: wrong ticket

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