Dear CABAL players,

New costumes and pets are released for this week.
Please check out the released items as below:

Released Items for This Week
*Below items are available on our Item Shop from June 20 to June 26.

[Avatar Costume]
1. Wild Western Set - perm

2. CABAL High School - perm

3. Black Suit - perm

4. Suit of Freed - perm

5. Chinese Gala Dress - perm

[War Costume]
1. Uniform of Procyon (FS)

2. Uniform of Capella (FS)

1. Pet - Robo Robo

2. Pet - Woolly

3. Pet - Little Pery

4. Pet - Garlie

5. Pet - Red Garlie

[Pet Change Kits]
*You can change the appearance of your pet with Pet Change Kits!
The pet option will not be reset by using this item.

1. Pet Change Kit - Little Pery

2. Pet Change Kit - Golem Jr.

The CABAL Support Team