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Thread: Selling a 160 Blader

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    Selling a 160 Blader

    Server: Mercury(US)
    Blader grade 17
    Class 8

    Stats with no buffs:
    attack: 841 (2456)
    magic attack: 438
    defense: 773
    attack rate: 6425
    defense rate: 2559
    flee rate: 9%
    critical rate: 53%/54%
    critical damage: 131%
    sword skill amp: 27%
    magic skill amp: 5%

    Stats with buffs:
    attack: 915
    magic attack: 438
    defense: 870
    attack rate: 6825
    defense rate: 2904
    flee rate: 9%
    critical rate: 53%/54%
    critical damage: 131%
    sword skill amp:27%
    magic skill amp:5%

    135million alz

    Equipped Armors:
    osmium martial helm DB+9
    osmium martial suit DB+8
    osmium katana DB+8
    osmium katana fatal+8
    forcium shoes guard+6 (account binding)
    forcium hands destruction+6 (account binding)
    amulet of pain+5
    three ring of luck+1
    critical ring+1
    two earring of guard+4
    two bracelet of fighter+4
    belt of guard+4
    epaulet of fighter+6
    astral board(k-red) (account binding)
    Pet: troglo warrior lvl 5

    items in Warehouse:
    lots of MP potions lvl 3
    lots of HP potions lvl 3
    copy of the illusive apocalypse(dungeon entry)
    map(dungeon entry)
    3 frozen clues(dungeon entry)
    7 explorer's journals(dungeon entry)
    muster card:forgotten temple B1F(dungeon entry)
    lots of essence runes
    5 force core highest
    7 force core high
    2 force core low
    and many more...

    extra equipments:
    forcium blade of destruction+7
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