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Thread: Legacy VS Darkness

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    Legacy VS Darkness

    for this new update they should create the all new legacy vs Darkness attributes.
    as in nation war you have colors (capella purple, proycon blue) for the new legacy vs darkness attributes they should do the same but at lvl 145 you can choose being a (Legacy or Darkness)
    (Legacy yellow, Darkness black)
    and how they have titles be blue or purple do the same but with the character name (darkness your name is black)
    (Legacy your name is yellow)

    of course this idea comes at a price of the new attributes as (new skills).
    make the all new level 145 skills. (everyone would have the same skill just different names so for instance "legacy <then the skill name> then Dark<then the skill name>

    creating new ideas for a game is very simple. if you can have the inspiration and man power to do so. submit your ideas and thoughts on my message. (Mercury chan. 15)

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    isn't chippo kr ?
    have him complain -.- "

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    They cant add to many new skills, its not like our skill points its over 9000

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