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Thread: Wats up with our GMs in game

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    Wats up with our GMs in game

    I mean come on whats up with the GMs talking smack in game .... kinda makes me wonder really how many GMs actually care about us players or the game

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    GM Daisy whispering me saying "f*** you s...t,,,,f,,,,u kid" whats up with that?

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    yeah sorry bout that how can i make it clearer .... its just fine on my screen from the pic but coming from photobucket its kinda choppy looking

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    there is a better pic of it i still cant believe a GM would do something like that pretty sad really

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    Stressed? LOL how can they be stressed ... well i can see a GM getting up in the morning and saying something like Oh god how many buffs do i need to give out today lol

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    that's I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥in awesome. Makes them human and not just an auto response from the help desk. LOL

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    yeah but the GMs are there to set the better example though to the players not suppose to be the other way around and plus she bypassed the chat filter too... :/

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    hey Kato.. i think Daisy's account is compramised(think its spelled right) lol

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    Compromised* hope that helps.

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    is fake, the real daisy does not have space between [GM] and Daisy; it was probably put on after someone transferred from the opposite server as it allows rename on the webpage, or atleast it used to.

    as you can see its not the actual daisy pming you.
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