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Thread: Wats up with our GMs in game

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    oh ok i see what you are saying looking at your SS and then looking back at mine... wonder if EST can do something about that then

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmosMoses View Post
    Compromised* hope that helps.
    lol i knew it wasnt spelled right but am to tired at this point to care really if i spelled it right lol

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    Seeing that it's EST we are talkin bout they arent gonna do anything bout it... Yea

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    yup, they just dont care..>_>

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    ehh you are still ticked that you got caught buying alz lol go make a new account and this time DONT BUY ALZ!! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by sn0wXz View Post
    is fake, the real daisy does not have space between [GM] and Daisy; it was probably put on after someone transferred from the opposite server as it allows rename on the webpage, or atleast it used to.

    as you can see its not the actual daisy pming you.
    ty for clearing that up for me snowxz, not something you normally see in the everyday life of cabal either lol

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    LOL WOW i guess this game really is intresting =D

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    It's not me.
    I think it's [QM] Daisy, not [GM]. Also I have 3 chars: [GM] DaisY, [GM]DaisY and [GM]_DaisY.
    As you know, we would never swear at the players. =(
    I'll close this thread.

    I love this sig.

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