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Thread: Cant buy Enchant Safeguard

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    also i tried every possable option for buying the protectors
    in game 1st tiem it shows them
    in game by selectign the category then the item
    in web by clickign the cash shop link on bar, both ways as above
    in web by clikign the cash shop link in drop down after hoverign over cash shop link on the bar, both ways

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    Quote Originally Posted by zomgOmglol View Post
    im looking for something that will prevent the plus of my item from dropping, isnt that the guarantee of the safeguards?

    lol i think rastan jst dont want me to get +15 :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastan View Post
    I'm not saying don't use them,I'm saying it's retarded to waste so much for something that "might" work,I'm letting people do what they want in CS..........even though EST has blocked legit players for no reason and let botters and spammers run rampant like it's 2009 again,and not banning NW hackers or not banning alz sellers.....people can continue to give them money if they want,idc

    I stopped right there......seek professional help
    lol gambling is a powerfull addiction..

    but i get my coin from vouchers

    adn my alz from drops..

    so its not hurting me irl

    and i AM professional help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy View Post

    lol i think rastan jst dont want me to get +15 :P
    oh he's just another disgruntled customer, let him be

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    thank you for wishing me luk rastan

    and im not doing the same thign over and over

    i tried it 3 times adn that was it

    now im trying somethign different

    its either that or give up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastan View Post
    Buy a costume with vouchers instead,at least it'll be permanent after farming for hours to get a couple hundred mil for 2x vouchers only to not succeed
    just don't get all mad when you do it and nothing happens
    Its not bad idea to get costumes but you can only use one at a time plus it does not make the character stronger in anyway.. Cant buy premium either because I work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rastan View Post
    just don't get all mad when you do it and nothing happens
    Something(s) really unexpected happened and the alz I spent is less than the price of one eof7 XD

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    Still no word from help desk sence last teim

    they said same thing someoen else did about tryign to use cash shop in web

    but that was incorrect its definatly bloked like bb+30 was for weeks

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    install Google Chrome and it will allow you to purchase enhancer safeguards


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    There is no issue in regards with purchasing Safeguards, if you are having trouble purchasing them ingame please use the website. It seems internet explorer does not work, FireFox and Chrome has been confirmed to work.

    If you are still having problems feel free to send in a help desk ticket so that we can further assist you.

    [GM] Snow

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    Hello, this issue has been fixed. you can now buy Enchant Safeguards with the Internet Explorer.
    Thank you.

    I love this sig.

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