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Thread: Quad 2 Bar(Video)

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    Quad 2 Bar(Video)

    I've always loved to look at first person videos in all the games I've played, and I know others are the same way so I just decided to make a quick video to add to the collection of wizard ones out there.

    After watching Mat & Spurs, along with the occasional romp or angelbabe video, the output of videos seems to have been lackluster in regards to wiz lately, so that's why I'm trying to revamp it again.

    It's not much of an accomplishment after the update & safeguard event, but still, I'd hope that at least some others might find it a little entertaining. xD

    Looking to do other videos in the near future if anyone wants them to keep coming.

    PS: inb4 typical NA forum trolling/bashing.

    Also, it's up in 720/1080p on youtube if you are a qualityphile like myself and require better looking numbers popping up xD.

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    Added 1 bar rota vid~

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    This is my clip >_____<

    solo quadra by 2 sp bar

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    Well since telepathy rage quit after spur kicked his ass there weren't anymore pro vids I loved his solo vids tho.so u take his place I wanna c moar!!!! ^^ post moar everything dungeon,war,bosses,pk everything o.o I'll even subscribe

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    Quote Originally Posted by azurite View Post

    This is my clip >_____<

    solo quadra by 2 sp bar
    you must be Thai lol + that vid is not NA sever ;D
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    Nice solos you got there. You should post some vids of your dungeon solos as well, mabye some NW videos. Even dungeon runs with the guild.
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