Buying Force Blader, at least Lv 150 (CR 16) and with Honor Rank at least 7.
It must have a decent number of titles, including 3rd title of at least 2 Dungeons.
-Pet (Lv 10) with no crap things
-HP/DEF/ATT/XP/HP Regen. (at least this things)
-+6 or higher grade equipment (DB Helm/AMP Boots, Suit, Gloves/DB Weapons), talking about Deathblow I want only Critical DMG.
-ROL+1/CR+1/AOP+5 (or above)/BOF+3(Amped)/Vamp./Guard Earrings/EOF+6 (or above) are ok.
-Good Stats, I mean 305/310 STR - Same INT -DEX XXX.
-Procyon or Cap doesn't make difference.
-If it has costumes or not it doesn't matter.
-Logically Dual Trans. (there are ******* that are still Comp. at Lv 140+)
-Decent IGN

I can give 2 VERY good accounts or other 3 medium/high accounts. (Private servers)
-Wizard ------->Very Good
-Warrior------->Very Good
-Force Blader /Force Archer ----->Good
-Force Blader------>Good (Low level but with high amount of alz)

If no I can get Full AMP/Vampire/PDB chars (1 account with all class) on a Private.