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Thread: Looking for TG battle crafter

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    Shadow Titanium
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    Looking for TG battle crafter

    Looking for a tg battle fa crafter, i have mostly gloves, some suits and boots, all +4, and almost all of the other mats, working on grabbing a few more discs. I'm on venus, ign is xSweetHeartx send me a message either here or mail me in game letting me know if/how much you charge.

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    ElViento maybe can do gloves and boots for you, but he charges 3m per amp attempt and additional for pc (something like 100-200m, idr, ask him. He also can do forcium). I'm almost tg amp gloves(8% to go), but can't get on. TigerGirl could do suits, but idk what she charges if she even crafts for other ppl.

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    I could do any of those hehe.
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