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Thread: Raging morons

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    Raging morons

    LOL,it's funny how people RAGE about who being able to beat who in a pvp stand up or freestyle,it's just a game for crying out loud..i mean i use to be asking questions like hell..but it's just a game...

    example:spending USD on a game yeah maybe 50 $ is good..but 2,000+ is over doing it people...i will laugh when this game shuts down..and all you guys money will go down the drain.

    spending money on a game=2k+ USD
    having fun on a game=good feeling...lame.
    RAGING morons about a game=priceless...

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    Cool story bro.

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    You care, you posted.

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    I just pooped.


    "Smile and waive boys...smile and waive."
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    keep crying
    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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