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Thread: advice for lvl 109 forceblader?

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    advice for lvl 109 forceblader?

    Im level 102 atm, but i plan on stopping at 109 for mission war.

    what armor and weapons should i try to get? and also whats a good pvp combo.
    so far my equipment is


    osm helm of deathblow +2 2 slots
    osm suit +3 skill amp +7% 1 slot
    osm boot of amp skill amp +3%
    osm gloves +3 2 slots

    Weap and accs

    redosm blade +7 crit dmg +20%
    lapis orb +3 1 slot
    epaulet of fighter +6
    ring of luck +1
    ring of nippertrica x3
    amulet of bless +3

    combo is force assault lv20, force slash lv 20, assassinate lv 6 (gon go to 9), fa, fs, abyssal crystal lv 20, and infeneral impact lv 12

    so what equipment should i buy and so on!

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    If you're stopping at 109 without a higher level main, you'll be stuck with trash gear.

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    do yourself a favor, quit before you waste anymore time on this game.

    pro english right here

    Quote Originally Posted by bingotoy View Post
    the prices i pay is for example you sell me worth of 2.5bil item so i will pay 100USD per bil so 100 USD x2 = 1000 USD for 500m is 50

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    whats wrong with stopping at 109 :S

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    Other than not being able to do any dungeons that you can get good stuff off, or being able to kill any world bosses?

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    Dont be like me, Be a doctor, be a lawyer.......&& Why does everyone think being 109 in t2 mean insta pro... I mean when ur that lvl and ur bout to lvl up off proc kills u then start worrying bout Dlvlin.. Wats wrong with lvl 107 or 108 hmm?

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    you're going to have a hard time lol.. do yourself a favour a level

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    not in miavii's heart
    i rather ask fpsnoop

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    lvl up bro =)

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    fpsnoob is right. That is OP for a character in T2 .. those gear are not necessary if you're a team player.

    Nowadays, I heard you can level a character to 100 in a couple days and make at least 100m from the quests alone.

    Everyone keeps telling you to level up. they're right... the fun part of the game is when you are in higher levels running high level dungeons. And of course, your income also is higher.

    Nation War:
    There's a guide in the How-To sections for warring. But I can give you some pointers as a FB in war.

    ONE!! - Size up your enemy . A good player needs to know when to retreat and go heal or regroup.
    TWO!! - This is for you, thread creator. Since your gear are pos, you should stick with your party 90 percent of the time.
    THREE!! - What separates a FB from other classes are their debuffs but I'm sure you already know that. Always TRY to use your debuffs especially your root/field root. You will be look down upon if you don't.
    FOUR!! - Obvious... if you need a quick power boost, go AURA. and I like to add FB gets the biggest stat boost when they activate BM1 (attack/def breaks the 1000 barrier). Pair that with AURA to get your critical rate up. HINT - field root a large party .... vola
    FIVE!! - To be honest , don't bother with T2 and level up, because my FB will own your noob azz... jk

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