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Thread: advice for lvl 109 forceblader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iB3ASTxD View Post
    I hope he uses USD in game like buying vouchers or etc to speed up on getting his gears.

    you could also have two characters, this one for war and another to grind dungeons and make money between wars so you don't have to worry about lvling out of your tier.

    Couple FB tips for war:
    if you care enough get an eos6 swap that out before you bm1, the matk boost will make it a little bit stronger (swap your eof back in after the animation begins though ), also if you are gonna bm1+aura. aura first for the same reason
    Don't root people right away, they will usually try to run at half health.

    honestly I can't think of anything else, I don't war that often but I figure I'd share what I know. I hope that helps
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