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fob much sir?
lol i thought you didnt get banned? lying now haxer?
QQ all ya want no matter if you hack.you will always be a FAIL NUB.
btw wasnt maika idea to post ss was me bye bish gl
besides my abbreviations that english was fine. and considering the fact that i was born in Toronto, my parents were born in Toronto and my grandparents were born in Canada i don't see how i could be a fob
i dunno what's wrong with u guys but i'm not QQing, i just don't like u guys so while i wait for bosses to spawn in MO i might as well come on here and insult u guys, nbd to me.
and i remember the time u had 4m and 3 amp shinegaurd cuz u didn't give da his daily rimjob.
so w/e keep calling the guy with 6b alz, bos7's, forcy amp, 40/7 helms and more skill in one class than ull ever have in all classes a noob