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Thread: Funniest Cabal Moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterChaosX View Post
    no idea who supershielder is but SEHH claim wouldnt surprise me one bit.. boy if its a 10 dmg blade...i bet he feels stupid now. if FPSnoob finds SEHH, probably has the best blade in game
    lol no his blade isn't +15..is it even +11

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludacris View Post
    When [G.M]Slurm gave tomaboy 3 SEHH for free before EST took over then they released the SEHH Event and tomaboy tried to make it look like he actually bought 7 tickets to "get" the SEHH.
    Man everyone who used these SEHH needs to get banned.

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    So much for memory lane topic ..

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    when brolic rerolled as a wiz

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    When Kasadya came back after 2 years , ask me to help her run eod, Gets merg ring first run, stands there and says Wtf is this?

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    When wrath rerolled as a blader

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    When people still fall for the golden entrita gag, stand at the alter and wait.

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    When Sketch and Slumber left guild over a eog+8

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    Too bad that even if I extend my blade it won't be as good as rockstar's.

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    please help me, and I want to play full braisleiro U.S., has already made​​, is fully updated, more says failed when I put the server id and password.
    Please help me

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