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Thread: Where to get better weapons?

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    Where to get better weapons?

    I'm currently level 40 and i was wondering when will i get better dual katana? I'm currently using dual Katana of black snake (26/26/100), and the weapon from vendor are inferior to the one i currently have.

    So...i was wondering when i would be able to get better weapons...

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    umm, Higher level dungeons have a chance to drop better weapons. Just have to get lucky, ya dig.

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    Auction house in bloody ice, the big building everyone crowds around.
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    I dunno if you're still looking, but if money's not an option, Etaku in Bloody Ice drops weapons for all classes with better stats than Black snake. Honestly though if you can, I would look in the agent shop and take advantage of the new daily training dungeon quests and do the weakened LiD and RS/EoD.

    In the higher levels (60+) the quests give decent amounts of money that you can use to look into Osmium/Stit weapons in the agent shop.

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