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Thread: When to worry about equips

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    When to worry about equips

    I am a lvl 82 fb and i still have 3 rings of nipperticia, and 1 of golden toad, as well as 2 bracelets of kalith, and also boots, gloves, katana, and orb all of the unique aramid rank (basically all the noob unique items) Im just now starting to see difficulties in lvling like if i try to do RS by myself the trash mobs kill me before i can attack the first boss so im starting to wonder when should i really start focusing on my gear? idk where to get money to buy really good osmium or ST gear like amp and deathblow and idk if its even worth it investing in decent gear at this level

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    it isn't realy worth it. just get some gear with high def on it that can help u grind or find pt or ask guildies for some help

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    Hmm at T2 start worrying or maybe ask the King nicely

    The King Has Arrived:

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    what does T2 mean =/

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