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Thread: Looking for a guild

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    Red face Looking for a guild

    I've attained level 83 and am beginning to realize that it's getting harder to solo (mostly trying to do dungeons that require me to kill 20 of each boss D=). I wasn't going to look for a guild until I knew for sure I like this game and plan on playing it a while, so here I am.

    About me: I'm not alway's available to do dungeons, war, what-not. I like to be able to be free to do what I want but I am almost always willing to be there to help if I am available and not busy with something else. I am a mom so I can not devote 100% of my time to a game... but I will be on whenever I can since I do like this game. A little bit of my personality, I would say I like music a lot. I listen to all different sorts, mostly heavy metal/goth/industrial/techno or the mix up of those. I chat alot when I'm super comfortable in a guild. I'm 100% crazy.

    About my character: Currently lvl83 Wizard, not too clear on the capabilities of the class but I'm learning and eager to do more with her. Oh and she likes candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach... I have a bit of learning to do and I'm hoping that joining a guild will help me do just that. Feel free to respond here or find me in game. Thanks for reading.

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    i would help, but in venus serv
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    Join TheSovereign lvl 4 guild almost lvl5 look for any members on Mercury

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