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Thread: Game freezes on loading screen to the login PLEASE HELP

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    Game freezes on loading screen to the login PLEASE HELP

    Hello people, can someone please help me. When i click on the start button on the launcher it launches the game and everything but it freezes on the loading screen. And then i have to force quit out of it. And i have looked threw the forums and i believe i didn't see any posts about the exact same thing... but maybe there was i don't know, but i did turn off my firewall and etc but that didn't help, can someone please help me. I would love to play this game

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    So you are not getting any error code what so ever? Second question would be is are you getting a lot of hard drive activity (easy to see just by looking at the front of the case, if the hard drive LED is flashing you got drive activity). For a problem like this it is generally a good idea to explain a bit about your system, Processor, Graphics Manufacturer and Model Chip, Amount of Memory both for graphics and the regular system memory. Do you have the latest drivers for you system, directx, sound, and graphics setup?

    So shooting blind from the hip here.
    Question 1 above, if you are not getting an error from Cabal or Gamegaurd, try running the game again and after you have to force close out of it, Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer>Windows Logs>Applications see if there are any yellow caution or red error icons there for Cabal Gameguard on an application crash or driver crash.

    Question 2 above, have you recently defragmented your hard drive since installing Cabal if you are getting hard drive activity? There are a lot of files and modules that make Cabal run, if these are scattered and fragmented, you are lagging down they system as it tries to read these files. Second issue would be if you are getting past the character selection screen and chosen a channel, then you are waiting on Cabal to read and draw every person in the vicinity of your spawn point, generally a bad idea to have your login point within Bloody Ice town as everyone hangs out there, the warp center makes a good spot to login from imo. Another thing that can be causing a wait in time is windows is expanding your virtual memory file on the hard drive, which is something M$ has never fixed, manual resize takes moment, windows readjusting on its own takes forever trying to figure out what it needs and set those values. Also might be a good idea to do a thorough Scandisk (Check Disc WinXP and higher), never know if a cluster is bad, set it for fix automatically and check empty sectors, reboot and let windows check the drive.

    Question 3 don't know your system specs:
    Windows XP- Start>Run type dxdiag.exe <enter> it will tell you some info about your system that helps. Processor, Phycial Memory, Page file (virtual memory) usage and maximum size, Diplay tab tells about the Graphics chip and memory for it, Sound1 tells about the sound system chipset and such.
    WinVista/Win7- Start>type dxdiag.exe in the Search line <enter> then same as above.
    If any of these specs don't meet minimum requirements for the game, need to upgrade them. Graphics, though Intel, S3 Virge, and other cheaper chipsets "Can" work, they generally pretty substandard in performance compared to even low end ATI and nVidia chipsets being the industry standards leaders.

    Updating your drivers, DirectX updater can be downloaded from M$ download site
    Sound and Graphics download the latest from the hardware manufacturer's websites, don't use windows update drivers as they are generally months behind the manufacturer updates.
    Other drivers for the mother board, check your computer maker's website (example- HP and Compaq check HP's support website section and search for your model number), custom builds check the motherboard manufacturer's website.

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