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Thread: Failed download

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    Failed download

    Everytime I try to download it stops about 10% in and shuts down my firefox. I can't even open up or delete old downloaders. What can I do?

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    get google chrome lol

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    If at first you try and fail repeatedly, bust out the old Unix/Linux Tools ported to Winblows muahahahahahaha! X

    not hard to use, the command line wget engine is its basis, just copy and paste any d/l link to the direct file and where to save it into the GUI, the command line engine takes care of the rest. Anytime I have problems with another d/l manager, wget always comes through in the end for me.

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    all u got to do is go to jizzle.com and download it from there .. that site hhosts it to its easier and faster to download from there

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    got it

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