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Thanks alot for your kind words and support. One person brought up that i hack and all the noobs started rallying just to get me ban. Got investigated 3 times past 2 months. each time my ban last for 1-2 weeks. Im getting tired of Cabal's block b4 investigation system.

If i ever hack, i would be selling eof+8 forci +11 gears , resdo +15 etc... and i woudl be bringer. I tried my best at bringer many times- ended up 2nd and if i do hack again, bringer is easy job. Again, it is easy to get confused by hu is hacking and hu is not nowadays as many hackers are around. WHy would i hack when i have an acc with 80/14 daik +15, +14 osm kat and forci greaves +10 in acc wit 2 seof+7 and 2 kred. and some other gears inw arehouse. I will call myself dumb if i did that.

Again no proof was shown and allegations after allegations is threwn. Pathetic and desparate much
read the bold words if u do hack again
so can i infer their waz a 1st time?