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    Beginner's Guide

    Source: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/139/...ime=1216311416
    Additional Source: http://freetoplaymmorpgs.com/cabal/u...-8-and-9-guide
    Additional Source: http://www.onrpg.com/boards/72063.html
    Some Information was removed from the FB Guide: http://forum.mmosite.com/topics/139/...ime=1216311610
    Extra Helpful Information: http://www.cabalwiki.com/wiki/Level_Up_quests
    Tell me if something needs editing.

    Attack - Dmg
    Attack Rate - Accuacry
    Def - Def
    Def Rate - Avoidablity
    Critical Rate inc - more Chance to strike a critical
    Critical Dmg inc - more dmg done in critical hit

    PvP - player versus player
    PvE - Player versus environment
    Pk - Player Kill
    DPS - damage per seconds
    DOT - damage over time
    KoS - kill on sight
    GD - Green Despair
    DS - Desert Scream
    BI - Bloody Ice

    One thing you must keep track of as your leveling through Cabal is to meet your character growth.

    Not only is the character growth a sort of guide to how to have your stats for that particular class but it also has to be met every 10 levels up to level 100 so you can learn new skills from the officer / instructor in the village you started off in. After level 50 though the growth stats no longer has to be the same and you can decide how you would like your characters stats to be.

    When in-game press C to bring up your stat menu, you'll notice at the top underneath the blue 'Character Status' writing, your Growth Lvl. requirement which you have to make sure your stats are the same as or higher.

    Notice below the + 1 in my INT, necklaces and rings etc like that which add stats, cannot be used when it comes to the Growth Requirement.

    Heres what you learn every 10 levels:

    * Lv.10 : Aura Mode (an aura which temporarily increases your stats and can be used with Battle Modes.)
    * Lv.20 : 1st Battle Mode (similar to aura except more stylish.)
    * Lv.30 : Combo Mode (when used and carefully timed can combo enemies.)
    * Lv.40 : Create Guild / Hoverboard License (can alo mix Aura with Battle Mode.)
    * Lv.50 : 2nd Battle Mode (class specific Battle Mode - each class is different and looks sexy.)
    * Lv.80 : Bike License (if you find a bike card can ride one of these beauties.)
    * Lv.100 : Extra Storage (get an extra page of space.)

    Upgrade your Skills:

    You have to keep using your skills if you want them to level up, and high level ranked skills is what you want! Not only are higher skills stronger and faster but it also levels up your stats every time you 'Rank Up' sword or magic skills. Getting up your skills requires you to hunt enemies rather than doing quests.

    There are 3 different types of skill you can purchase from the 'Instructor' - Sword, Magic and Upgrade.
    *Note* - You now buy Skill Books which can be obtained through Instructors or Drops. Skill Books can be traded/dropped/sold through AH

    Press K to bring up your Skill menu, here you can see what rank your skill is currently at (Master), how much till it ranks up (21/57), the progress bar showing your current xp till you level up (Sword EXP), and Skill Points available to level up your current skills (Sword Skill Point).

    Raising Magic Skill is exactly the same as rasing Sword Skill, Upgrade skill however is slightly different. Upgrade skills only rank up when youve ranked up your Sword or Magic skills so if you had Master in Sword skill you would have Master in Upgrade - if you then got A.Master in magic you would then have A.Master in Upgrade. Always remember to purchase your Upgrade skills as they can make you character better and can add stuff like HP every time your skills hit a new rank.

    To upgrade or remove your skills simply just click on the skill icon + to level it up - to remove a level. It will cost you money to remove a level off a skill, the higher the level the higher the cost.

    (if at level 1 - will remove the skill)

    The higher ranked level skills you deduct a level from, the higher the cost in Alz.

    You can also buy or make equipment called 'Adept' which makes levelling up your skill faster, the more skill points on the item the faster it will take to level so try to get a full decent adept set.

    Note: Just go to dummies with adept gears after each rank-up to raise skill levels.

    Upgrade Skills
    Upgrade skills are passive skills that add to your abilities without even using them.
    But to level up upgrade skill you have to buy each level,NOT just clicking '+'[which i think theres none for upgrade skill]
    Vitality Mastery (Novice+) - Increase max HP
    Mana Mastery (Novice+) - Increase max MP
    Reflex (Apprentice+) - Increase defense rate
    Sharp Eyes (Apprentice+) - Increase hit rate
    Offensive Sense (Regular+) - Increase physical damage
    Defensive Sense (Regular+) - Increase defense
    Force Control (Regular+) - Increase magical damage
    Impact Control (G.Master+) - Greatly increase physical damage
    Damage Absorb (G.Master+) - Greatly increase defense
    Eyes of Mind (G.Master+) - Greatly increase hit rate
    Sixth Sense (G.Master+) - Greatly increase defense rate
    Ruling Force (G.Master+) - Greatly increase magical damage.
    *Note* - The G.Master upgrade skills can be stacked with the other upgrade skills, so you can actually have 2 attack upgrade skills, 2 defense upgrade skills, eg. Defensive Sense+Damage Absorb
    *Note* - General guide to "Upgrade Skills", get both corresponding attacks (Sword or Magic), both defenses, and Sixth Sense. Some people opt to replace the lower defense upgrade for the lower defense rate upgrade. There's almost no point in getting the MP upgrade.

    Training, or grinding, in this game is quite similar to most other games, but there are some oddities and techniques that I would like to share with you all.

    Suggested Training Method
    I highly suggest that you use combo and combo only when only training on general mobs. Things like aura mode and your battle modes 1 & 2 should be saved for instant dungeons and when you're in tight spots.
    Using combo is also the best for leveling your skills, but that is not for this section to explain.

    Suggested Training Locations
    Everyone has a favorite map and a favorite mob that they just can't stop whacking and slashing away at. When it comes to training, the best type of monster to kill would be monsters with an orange or red name.
    These monsters give you the most EXP you can possibly get. All the different colors of mobs include:
    Grey - Much weaker than you. Usually gives you no exp at all.
    Pale Green - Slightly weaker than you. Usually gives you very little exp, sometimes none. (Does this exist anymore?)
    Yellow - At your level. Usually give you decent exp, but not great exp.
    Orange - Slightly stronger than you. Usually gives you good exp.
    Red - Much st/ronger than you. Usually gives you the best exp you can possibly get.

    Factors for EXP gain
    1. The damage you deal. The damage you deal to a monster dictates how much exp you get from it. This is the reason why CABAL uses an exact damage system (where if the monster has 10 hp left, even your best skill will only deal 10 damage).
    That means that each monster has a certain capacity of exp, but the more damage you deal the more exp you will get. This also means that you do NOT need to actually kill the monster to gain EXP, simply dealing damage to it will give you something.

    2. Level gap. The larger the level gap is, the more or less exp you gain. The amount is not constant, and it's also a pretty big gap between each color. The difference between yellow color monsters and red color monsters is quite substantial.

    3. Optimal mobbing. In order to gain the most possibly experience in one hit, it is best to attack 4 monsters at once. When you exceed 4, you hardly bring in any extra exp to the table.
    That is why people who mob 8 monsters at once gain just about the same amount as those who only mob 4.
    Keep this in mind for the future. This mostly prevents you from gaining 10% in one mob and making leveling too easy and pointless.

    And if you are bored of training by killing monster,you could also try quest which is quite benifitical in term of EXP and earning
    Like dungeon quest,which 'some' could be repeatable and you can keep going in to level or skilling in peace with no one disturbing you
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