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Thread: Old pics =P

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    Old pics =P

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    eh not old enough lol. what was with the 3 gms and everyone against the wall o.o?
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    lol ehh i have older ones but i just got the latest ones.... that was the gm guild leader meeting thing.... they were discussing about how to better the game... and i lost all my nooby days ss.. these are the ones that i have left haha.. i quited like last year or something..

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    More like banned for alz glitching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dat1995 View Post
    I remember this! Haha... I forgot the reason why but I know it had to do with ALL the guilds. I think they had all the guilds leaders meet up in FR to do a vote or something. Even though they said guild leaders only, other people still showed up. Like me.

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    lol wow

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    isnt kalaydrah the gm that went batsht insane about how ogp was running the game and ragequit?

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    nope im pretty srue i quitted =P

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    and yea kalaydrah is the one that reage quitted bc how ogp wad running the game

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