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Thread: Is this a decent Force Shielder?

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    Is this a decent Force Shielder?

    Let's not focus on the gear. Just by looking at the stats is it a good FS?

    Level: 120
    HP: 3900
    Physical Attack: 900
    Defense: 850
    Attack Rate: 3500
    Defense Rate: 3500
    Critical Damage: 180
    Critical Rate: 53
    Sword Amp: 40

    Share your thoughts.
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    wtf this isnt a fanfic

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    Quote Originally Posted by plzbuffme View Post
    wtf this isnt a fanfic
    What do you mean?
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    defense rate = fake and I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥I love you >.<♥

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    not in miavii's heart
    yes for lvl 120

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    get more defence and its perfect

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    I'm curious as to what your set up is...at 120 it seems VERY unlikely to have those stats unless you have some pc or 20% forci weps, aop+7(8?), two rof+10, and a merg ring or two, not to mention a high war rank and slotted bracelets to even get close to 40% samp at your lvl (I have 38% at 143...) and idk where the hell you're pulling 900 att out of, because even using forci the max you'd be able to handle is +7? maybe 8? at 120, which would give you nowhere near 900 attack at at 120 even with "proper" stat placement. not saying obvious troll is obvious, but please do tell exactly what you're running so I may gawk at your awesome gear and hate you forever =]

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    right now i can 2hits you

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    First of all at least 2 of your stats are fake.
    -Your physical attack is too high for FS (Unless ur super rich but doubt it cause of the following reasons)
    -Your def rate is definately fake. As my FB is lvl 132 (and yes Im super rich and 'decent' gears) i have about 3200 with buff.
    -Your HP is too high. And that is definately not right because yes you can reach 3900 HP but most of your slots have to be HP and all FS gears. But as your sword amp is 40%, that is at least 3 slots of amp. So either you have 3400HP with 40 amp or 3900HP with 20 amp.
    -The attack rate is usually twice the number of def rate for FS

    Now, I will judge your character according to the stats you put.
    -Your defence is too low for FS
    -Alright Crit dmg (for lvl 120s)
    -Dont use pain amulet for extra 3%. Crit is all on luck and there are many FS wit 45% rate bu still owns a lot as 45% is a chance not reality.
    - Change the swond amp to crit dmg.
    -As a FS, all you need to worry about is (in order) defence, crit damage and HP.

    So without all the 'fake' stats, your character is ok. I give about 8 out of 10 (for lvl 120).

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    where the hell are you getting 180cd with 900+base

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