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Thread: S>163 FA Saying Goodbye Cabal

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    S>163 FA Saying Goodbye Cabal

    Boots-Terra +9 7amp(bound)
    Gloves-Terra +9 7amp(bound)
    Suit-Osmium +9 50HP/7amp
    Helm-Bluestin +13 7rate/40damage(bound)
    Weps-Forcium +9 and +8-Both 3amp/10damage
    Epy Of Sage +7
    Merg Ring

    Honor Rank-11 (Around 10% into it)

    MP Rune Lvl 10
    Defense Rune LVl 3
    Couple other Random Runes
    Also Blended Rune-Shock 1

    Costume-Halloween Dress
    Weapon Skin-Candy Cane Bow

    Has a Forcium Crystal +4 2 slot sitting on me with first slot filled. Taking ALZ or any other GOOD offer for it. IGN: ZzDarknesszZ. Mail me or offer here.(You Provide Transfer)--FYI: Im Procyon/Female Character.
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