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Thread: Skill Level Question

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    Skill Level Question

    So I'm a level 62 blader at A.Expert skill level. I looked on the cabal website at beginner guide, and then skill level. It showed on a chart that level 50-59 is A.Expert and 60-69 is Master.

    Why aren't I at master level yet? How can I level up my skill level the fastest way?


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    Fastest way in all truth is buy a couple Cash Shop Items and Premium Account for the extra skill experience boosts on top of listed below.

    1) Make sure you got a whole Adept/Skilling Set
    Helm, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Weapons (Shadow Steel/Citrine Grade), being you will only be wearing them when skill exp grinding don't need to be high grade for defense. Get what you can afford with the highest +X Skill Experience Rating +3 or above, preferably +4 crafted or "Of Skillful" +4 or higher. The higher you skill exp bonus here makes a difference, premium items or not. Also make sure to step up you level on your Adept Amulet and rings depending on your level +0 +1 +2 etc, level 70 your can add in 2 adept bracelets, lvl 80 adept bracelets +1. Green/Blue Astral Board (+4 skill exp) and epaulet of discipline (+2 skill exp) help, just like blessing beads and premium items, if you have a pet with skill exp in a slot you get that bonus as well. There you gear set up.

    2) Getting ready to stop playing Cabal for the day, put 2 or 3 novice magic arrows (magic, water, wind) level 1 in like your 4th skill bar, have auto attack set in your options, find a nice over half hp training dummy on a green non-pk channel, not war channel or white channel, target the dummy, start lobbing arrows at it and walk away for the night while you sleep. Now you see why suggest Shadow Steel/Citrine Adept Gear over any other Adept gear, you not getting attacked, don't need the defense and such of more powerful gear.

    3) Including all of the above, set your 3 arrows to level 9 on each, same training dummy, start comboing the hell out of it with those 3 arrows, boring as heck but still the fastest method in the game to skill or do anything is the Combo Mode ^_-

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