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Thread: Bm1 or Bm2

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    Bm1 or Bm2

    I need help should i use bm1 With the cannons fully upgraded or bm2 with all the buffs fully upgraded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halcy View Post
    wich is better? when should i use each thanks

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    Bm1 pvp, bm2 pve, at least in most cases.

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    FB is the one class the benefits from both bm1 and bm2 depending where you are. If you are say soloing PF bosses, bm2 is the way to go. If you are in FT2 on Tyrant/Leth Tyrant from my experience bm1 is best since you can root him only in bm1 also same with MO. Depending on the boss you are on in dungeons you will end up using both in either FT2 or MO. Being versatile in both is basically the best advice I can give. This is how I use both bm's in ft2. Not saying its perfect or anything, just what works best for me.

    1st boss:bm2

    2nd boss:bm1, you will be going through the green water and the extra hp helps a lot.

    3rd boss:bm1 should still be active long enough to kill or let it run out and finish boss.

    4th,5th,6th boss(all 3 forms of ispita):bm2

    7th, 8th boss: 1 bm2 should be enough to take them both out.

    9th, 10th boss(Tyrant, Leth Tyrant):Aura+bm1, you will need to be able to root him as he likes to move around a lot. Also gives a nice cushion for the FA to heal you before you die. I prefer not to combo as you will keep having to break combo to either root or debuff so best not to waste the SP imo.

    But yeah all depends on what boss and in what dungeon that you will use bm1 or bm2.


    Hope that helps, have a nice day.
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