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Thread: About Cabal Old Graphics

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    where the stars are born
    LOL its ok cocy bear

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForumStarla View Post
    Illusion Castle update has a bunch of updates for partying... hopefully we see patch notes on that soon!
    yeah....thats right and the concentration the withe ball in the forehead...i just loved the old times

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    Party Registration

    Quote Originally Posted by CNJRP View Post
    Actually, I believe they put party registration back in Korea's latest update. My guess is the only reason they took it out was perhaps a bug with the updated party interface in reloaded, no idea though.
    Yes, it is already updated to Korea's latest udpate, and it will be brought back on the next update with some improvements

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    I miss how way back when the armor didn't look shiny after +4 it was like metalish looking. That was beast. i mean really that was to awesome. if i wanted to see some1s +6 osm now id just go back in time and look at a friggin +0. +6 now looks the same as friggin +0!

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    Party Reg was enough to make yu quit -.-? but really why did they remove it , worked fine for me. but its supposed to be coming back and improved in the next big patch or update or w/e its called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingSoul View Post
    Not long enough to see the graphics change. What we really need, is that
    I'm not gonna lie, the system now is pathetic.
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    By the way, we are currently considering the party registration system.
    Also we will add new features for your convenience.
    So please stay tuned~

    I love this sig.

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    hey flair,
    you do know that if you are in a party and you get dcd now you can re-enter the dungeon w/o the need of a new entry as long as a.)no one kicks you from the party b.) you get logged back in before the 5min auto party kick and c.)if you were in a party while the only one in the dungeon of your choice the other(s) do not enter a different dungeon

    also with the party thing you get the points for any kill quest as long as you are in the party doing the killing of the required mob and on the same channel and same map or in same dungeon, not to include while you are dc tho, but it does include being in safe zones. Example : 2 lvl 140s doing rank up in EOD B2F one is at start for having just died and the other just killed three durahans, both will get the kill points regardless of map location(of course they have to have the quest and be logged in and in a party in the same dungeon same channel tho). just as an fyi for anyone's convenience, it can be quite handy for those squishy classes lol or when you get an annoying phone call you cant ignore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentM View Post
    A. 148
    B. Fbs aren't tanks.
    i 2 hit u with a 140 wi

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