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Thread: Update raised an error fileinfo.dat

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    Update raised an error fileinfo.dat

    Fix Halloween Event Update
    This is First Time I See CABAL Team Sleeping
    Maybe Because CABAL 2 Coming Soon
    I Hate That

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    If CABAL 2 Open You Can Go To Sleep
    But We Need Fix CABAL 1 Now !
    Click On " Check File " And See The Error
    Update raised an error fileinfo.dat , week no Fix no play the game
    im start hate your update , update = bug + Error

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    Oct 2011
    im going insane. ive sent in multiple tickets, i AM getting responses. but nothing helping at all. its not a user error,we cannot fix this. i have tried everything "i almost mean that literally". and still to no avail,nothing is working.

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    same happen to me

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