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Thread: Saints Bringer

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    Saints Bringer

    Ty all procs for the tanking and pushing its an honor to have this chance

    Few things I learned about the calibur:
    -You can use saints buff in combo.
    -When buffing saints while targeting nearby player, that player and the people around will receive the buff. However you wont receive it.
    -The only way for a calibur user to get the buff is to buff him/herself. The surrounding player will still receive it.
    -In non warzone cap/pro/neutral can receive the buff. In warzone only same nation (proc/cap only) can receive the buff.
    -You cannot put weapon skin on while equipping the calibur.

    -Damage output with calibur is very high and coupled with good use you can achieve bringer by scoring high between sat to sun.
    -If you do achieve bringer it is very difficult for your opposition to kill you with triple resist rate effect.
    -Saints buff cd every 5 minutes so use it wisely during war.
    -Wizard bm2+aura + flawless + triple resist = anti tank artillery.
    -Imagine if warrior get the same condition.. its unstoppable.

    Example: bm2, aura, aofc, hl, prideus increase, no special pots and space collapse lvl 12

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