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Thread: Saints Bringer

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    jeez 22k o.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathVanity View Post
    jeez 22k o.o
    Last of Gaijin~
    Last few from xXChimeraXx~
    In sensei's guild Deathblow~(:!
    Teacher of Zhuai<3
    I ish

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    Jan 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by providen1990 View Post
    So you have a 6mamp pet.....
    Can you take a pic of you hitting a normal boss (not the last boss in AOS1) with full damage (bm2, aura, aofc, fury, MC, OB...) but dont use pot i want to see the damage output it gives. thx
    saints weap gives 10 amp so no his pet doesnt have 6 amp

    and gratz on the sexy weap and bringer zhu

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